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16 year veteran of the pageant industry releases the secrets to starting and running your own successful pageant.

Shelly Winters Black

Hi I'm Shelly Winters Black and I've been directing my own pageants for over 16 years. I'm the director of the Miss New Orleans pageant and this year we are celebrating the 78th year. I've owned and directed many different pageants over the years.

It took quite awhile to learn the insider secrets and tricks. You see the established directors were not about to share their knowledge with just any one. After all they worked hard to learn the ropes. They made their mistakes so why should they just give that hard earned information away.

Avoid the heart aches of making mistakes in front of a paying audience at your beauty contest

I worked behind the scenes for other directors for years. I watched their every move. I constantly asked questions. Sometimes they would give me the answers, and sometimes they would just change the subject. Some of them looked at me as up and coming competition and closed me out of the process.

Then I was fortunate enough to hook up with a director who took me under their wing and started showing me the ways of the industry. In actuality I was lucky enough to have two directors take me under their wings and guide me down the path to pageantry success.

My mentors knew that they would eventually retire from the pageant industry and that some new blood was necessary to carry on the traditions of this wonderful vehicle for women. I am eternally grateful to them for sharing their passion with me. And now I want to pass on these secrets to you. I believe that the pageant industry can grow even more and that we all can share in the success.

I wrote the book How to Start and Direct Your Own Pageant to help you avoid the pitfalls of new pageant directors and run a successful beauty contest.

Here is what you will learn in this ground breaking book:

  • Giving your pageant a name
  • Selecting a date and location
  • Creating age categories
  • Selecting awards and prizes
  • Sponsorships
  • Recruiting staff
  • Judging criteria
  • What auditors do
  • Advertising and accepting entries
  • Booking entertainment
  • Schedule itinerary
  • and much more...

This book alone will give you what you need to confidently start a successful beauty pageant, but I've decided to give you even more to help you on your way.

You will recieve three bonus audio reports with information you won't find any where else.

Bonus #1 - Your Preliminary Empire
I tell you about the preliminary system and how you can use it to add prestige to your new pageant and later have other pageant directors feed contestants to you.

Bonus #2 - Pageant Moms Rule
I discuss how pageant moms can make the transition from pageant mom entering kids into contest to beauty pageant director who gives more moms and children the opportunity to spread their pageantry wings.

Bonus #3 - The darkside of pageantry.
It is an unfortunate fact that their are troubled individuals in this world that will give you much grief if you are not prepared for them. I tell you of my own unbelieveable experiences and how you can stop those troublemakers from hurting your success.

Back when I was struggling to learn how to direct beauty pageants I would have easily paid $4,000.00 to get this information, if anybody would have offered it to me. So people are telling me I'm crazy for selling this book for only $39.99.

Only $39.99

Order Now and Start your Own Beauty Pageant



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